TIME IS VITAL WHEN STOPPING STORM DAMAGE. Wet-Jet roof coating - Pace's amazing protective coating that actually waterproofs during a rainstorm.  The time to fix a leak is the minute you detect the entry of water into your building.  Most building damage occurs during the peak periods of storms.  After the rain or snow thaw may be too late!  Wet-Jet works most effectively "underwater", so you can use it when you need it the most, not the next day or the next week when the sun is shining.

Wet-Jet is a tested proven roof coating from Pace, a product recommended for both wet surface patching and complete roof renewal.  It is made with the purest asphalts, reinforced with fiberglass plus a special water repellant additive that cuts through the moisture to create a perfect, permanent bond with the roof mat.  Wet-Jet is also "winterized".  It works underwater as effectively as other coatings work on a dry warm sunny day. Apply Wet-Jet in ONE-COAT with a regular roof brush.  Consistency is right for winter application. Even after a snow/ice storm.  Just brush the roof clean of snow and waterproof with Wet-Jet.  During a rain storm, broom off heavy water puddles and waterproof with Wet-Jet. Wet-Jet can be used over leak areas during storm conditions.  After the storm subside, Wet-Jet can be applied to renew the entire roof area.