Pace's ONE-COATER roof coatings are the finest products of their kind on the market BUT - they will not perform miracles.  As a roof coating is only as strong as its weakest link, we prescribe specific procedures to follow to reinforce each roof at these critical areas...parapet walls, seams, joints and flashings. This is where roof strain and stress exerts the greatest pressures.  At least 90% of all roof failures occur in these areas. When simple procedures are followed the weakest area of the roof are converted into its strongest and Pace can back the roof renewal with a 10-year warranty. Even where the weak areas appear in good shape, the applicators will find small breaks at weak points where products like Super Roof Cement, Fabron Glass Membrane, Neoprene 66 rubberized roof cement etc. can be used.  Where there are minor cracks, crevices and signs of deteriorating mortar - evidence of damage around vents, parapet walls, flashings the reinforcing material should be used. In such cases Pace recommends to generously estimate these materials as the value of each is such that it is far better to have to much than to little.