Successful Money Making Opportunities with Pace Products Distributorship

Are you looking for an opportunity to be your own boss?  As a distributor of Pace Products, you have the opportunity to run your own business in the time you have available.  For more information, please visit Become a Distributor, Contact Us or call us toll-free at 1.888.389.8203. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Video Transcription:

Hi. I'm Mike McIntosh, President of Pace Products. You're looking for a money making opportunity so let me tell you about the success you can find with the Pace Distributorship. We have been in business since 1958, and we have already helped thousands of people make thousands of dollars in their own Pace business.

We want to help you with the opportunity to earn money. The freedom of being your own boss, with no franchise fee, no start-ups costs, and no carrying inventory.  Plus the security of knowing you never have to be out of work or laid off.
Roofs and blacktops need to be maintained even during recession times and when money is tight. The demand for coatings is even greater. Our message is simple: renew and protect the existing surface, rather than replace it.

You can start your business part-time. With Pace, you're not spending hours on end looking for prospects. Virtually every building and property owner in your immediate area is a potential customer. You don't need experience in roofing or sales, making one call can pay you ten to twenty times more than you'd make in any other types of sales. Plus, you can make additional money by applying the products your customers buy from you. Remember, there is no tear-off or replacement, so it's not labor intensive.  It's not dangerous. There's no heat, flame, torch, or boiling tar pot involved.
When you think about it, there has never been a better time to join Pace, as labor costs are at an all-time high. It costs building owners a fortune to have their roofs replaced. With our one-coat, labor saving, process roof renewal system, you'll show them how to bypass expensive roof replacement.

Other products in the line you can sell include, pavement and floor products, paint, and many more. To help you, we will send you our Sales Kit giving you everything you need to be successful with us, including liquid samples so you can give a live demonstration of the product.

We look forward to welcoming you into a successful partnership with Pace Products. Thanks for your time.