Into each PROPELLANT 49 pellet there is concentrated the greatest amount of potential heat energy ever put into a chemical de-icer.  So it not only melts faster, but goes much use less and always save on material and time.  It can be safely estimated that PROPELLANT 49 will melt two to three times as much ice as old fashioned melting compounds. Chemically active down to the last speck, it leaves NO RESIDUE, thus it reduces the tracking in of dirt which saves carpets and tile.

The super density pellet also has great heat retention effectiveness, another economy feature. After melting surface ice, PROPELLANT 49 remains chemically active for up to 36 hours thus preventing further ice formation and retarding later snow coverage. Compare this to other de-icing materials that you have to use by the bucketful again and again. Call or email now to be prepared.