We say nothing about the importance of how to store, where to store etc the material. It's not that these things are not important.  They are.  If a customer leaves the lid off PROPELLANT 49, it can harden in the container.  If a drum or pail is left open and stored in a wet place, it will become unusable.  BUT - the people at Pace know that these situations are far and few between.  We also know that 99% of the people we do business with are forthright, honest, above board and fair.  So we have purposely made our storage safe guarantee the clearest and most unconditional ever to be written in the ice and snow control field.  We are sure because it is so open and fair, it will immediately tell customers Pace Products, Inc. is the kind of company they want to do business with.  We sincerely believe this guarantee can introduce Pace to a new customer better than a hundred advertisements.