ABOUT CHEAP DE-ICERS....27% Dead Weight! Over 1/4 of the purchase price wasted on cheap ice melters. Building and property owners place a high value on grass, shrubs, decorative tile, ornamental grille work, expensive carpeting, beautiful landscaping etc so who can afford a cheap de-icer? NO ONE!

In most cheap ice melters, 27% of the contents are inerts or "fillers".  This material has absolutely no ice or snow thawing capacity.  It's put in the container simply to add bulk and weight.  The inerts has been cleverly added. Color-wise and shape-wise, the average buyer would never notice any difference between these products and PROPELLANT 49.  BUT - when they get around to using this cheap de-icer, then they'd see as much difference as day from night.  The 27% inerts won't melt.  This dead wight will just lay on the sidewalk to be tracked inside.  This mess is hard to clean up and grinds into tile and carpeting where it can do irreparable damage.  Furthermore, by diluting the formula, the melting action of this competitive de-icer has been reduced by at least 1/4th!!