Way back on March 3, 1958, the founders Chuck Levy and Dick Rogers had a dream.  It was to build a successful company in the Maintenance Products field.  Now 60 years later, we're happy to say that with the help of a lot of good people, we've come a long way.

Those first Pace days in an old converted icehouse were something else.  The Arctic Ice Cream Co. had used this three-story building for years.  It was great for storing ice cream but not ideal for their kind of operation.  Dick and their one secretary shared one small office.  Chuck was holed up in a 2x4 cubbyhole.  During July and August the heat built up to at least 120 degrees. Dick called it the "torture" chamber.  There was no air conditioning and Dick swore he wouldn't get air conditioning until Pace was in the "black". They must have been over confident for it took them 18 months to get the air conditioner.

Chuck used to look back over the years and recall with great affection one of Pace's first Pacers, Ed Stuhr.  The day he sold his first really big order - 20 drums of Silverleaf roof coating to an electronics manufacturer in Oregon, he called Chuck saying "this is the best call I've made in years." Ed passed away at the premature age of 47.  It was a cruel blow.  Ed worked so hard but was not around to see what his hard work helped build.

While our competitors continue to issue doomsday reports, Pace business get better and better and hopes to continue that success for decades to come.