ROOF REPLACEMENT IS WASTFUL. Before you can lay down a new roof, you have to pay to remove the old. And often, up to 80% of that old roof is maintainable.  Roofing costs, both material and labor, continue to escalate.  Goods cost more this year than last.  They'll cost more next year than they do now. Is replacement a likelihood for your buildings roof? It is more likely than you would suspect and could become reality sooner than you would like. The facts are: premature failures, requiring major repair, have become quite common in newer built up roofs. One recent survey of 1,000 built up roofs showed 1/3 of them "in trouble" within the first year or so of their completion.

Another survey of the ages at which serious problems occur in built up roof revealed that over 90% of the problems develop during the first 10 years - about 70% of the during the first five. Fortunately, by applying the right kind of roof maintenance before these predictable problems develop, the roof can be kept and maintained in good condition with a cold process Pace roof renewal system.  Maintenance does not mean patching leaks when they occur.  Maintenance should encompass the necessary methods required to prevent these types of problems. Usually, just patching an area here and there will not suffice.  A proven system, designed for the existing conditions, will be much more effective and....more economical.

For over 60 years, Pace has been offering building owners a viable, economical alternative to reroofing, providing many long range advantages for our customer's stressing education and continuous roof care.