In any field, there are always a few who conduct their business with unscrupulous practices, poor products or both and thus shed a dingy light upon themselves and to a limited degree an industry. From time to time, these people of low ethics find their way into the roof coating field. Referred to as "gypsies", these fly by night operators may come into a town and pitch that, "they just finished a job and have materials left over" which a prospect may be offered at a cut rate price. Most "gypsies" operate in the residential market and thus do not call upon commercial and industrial concerns. However, we urge building owners to be on the guard against them. Vigilance must be observed at all times so that building owners are assured they're doing business with a reputable firm. Pace Products, Inc. has been given special recognition in Duns Bulletin and Duns Review. In business since 1958 who sell major companies and institutions throughout the U.S and Canada and over seas. This elevates Pace not only above the "gypsies" but others whose reputation can hardly compare to Pace's world-wide name and track record.