Coating vs Paint - The difference is in performance. Coatings perform more functions, have additional or more ingredients and are generally thicker for greater film thickness, thus greater protection. The results is a heavy-duty, more resistant performance. Each product is manufactured to meet demanding standards of consistency and quality. Products are put through exhaustive tests in the laboratory, then field tested under actual conditions. Only formulas that survive the most rigorous and exacting requirements are then sold under the Pace name. All Pace products meet or exceed standards for use on the surfaces for which they are intended. The products are manufactured as required, assuring absolute uniformity for each application. All Pace products arrive with a minimum one year shelf life when stored under moderate conditions. With Pace, customer's never take risk possible deterioration or performance loss because some manufacturer delivered material near the end of its shelf life. Each order is formulated specifically for the area of the world where it is to be shipped. All climate variables are taken into consideration. ONE-COAT - Pace products are formulated to provide total protection with just ONE-COAT, saving all the cost of multiple applications.