Pace Products Celebrates 58 Years

Way back on March 3, 1958, the founders Chuck Levy and Dick Rogers had a dream to build a successful company in the Maintenance Products field. Now 59 years later, we’re happy to say that with the help of a lot of good people we’ve come a long way.

While Chuck and Dick have since passed away,  the stories of our early beginnings live on and we would like to take a moment to share this with you.


Pace Products, 1958

The birth of Pace Products took place in an old converted icehouse near the corner of W 18th Street and Washington Street. The Arctic Dairy Ice Cream Company had used the building for years. It was great for storing ice cream, but it did not make the most ideal office space. Dick and their one secretary shared one small office, while Chuck was holed up in a 2’ x 4’ cubbyhole.

During July and August the temperature in the building could climb above 115 degrees. Dick called it the “torture” chamber and swore he wouldn’t get air conditioning until Pace was in the “black”. 18 months of hard work made the dream of AC a reality.

Chuck used to look back over the years and recall with great affection one of our first Pacers, Ed Stuhr. The day he sold his first big order, 20 drums of Silverleaf to an electronic manufacturer in Oregon, he called Chuck, saying, “this is the best call I’ve made in years.”

Chuck also had a great philosophy about keeping customers, distributors, and employees happy:

(1) Give each customer a reward for placing an Anniversary order
(2) Give each salesperson an incentive to get business

So in keeping with this tradition that’s what we’ve done! We’re celebrating our 58th Anniversary with a 10% Discount on all orders sold in March 2016.

While our competitors continue to issue doomsday reports, Pace continues to grow. With the tremendous savings of “renewing vs. replacing,” Pace can help take the monetary risk out of maintaining your buildings in uncertain economic times.