Modern chemistry has produced a new and improved generation of synthetic and blended oils. Ones which penetrate deeper, provide superior lubrication and last longer than previously before possible. It is an advance in our coating formulas that has positioned Pace for many years to come. Synthetic oils and blends have their basis in some of the most super sophisticated tools of modern man. Ones which surround our daily lives. They must be capable of withstanding the tremendous heat generated while protecting ultra high speed moving parts. And yet, also perform almost miracles in the sub-zero temperatures of the arctic and beyond, leaving and re-entering our atmosphere without so much as a minor change. In short, modern mans advances are nothing short of amazing. And they improve and influence our lives daily.

Synthetics and highly blended oils are also available for automobiles. Have you noticed the premium motor oils? Their price tag may appear quite high. But performance matches. They are widely accepted as beyond compare. Some of the most popular brands selling today are sold for continuous lubrication of heavy wearing parts for up to 25,000 miles without the normal breakdown from tremendous heat, combustion and continual ongoing mechanical abuse of fast moving engine parts. Roofs and pavements will not likely be affected by the same conditions and extremes as those mentioned above. But it is good to know Pace products are designed with the same high standards in manufacturing. Their amazing ability to out perform other substances designed to continually penetrate and lubricate have never ceased to amaze scientists everywhere. They are brought to another part of life - PACE protective coatings.