While tight budgets may suggest "patch and pray" a roof when it leaks, common sense points to the shortcoming of this approach. The natural aging of a roof that caused one area to leak has worked just as long on other areas. Treat only the current point of water entry and neighboring sections of roofs can leak tomorrow. The "patch and pray" method of roof maintenance means constant, unplanned attention of roofs which distract from the profitable enterprise of a business. Roof replacement is the budget-breaking result of ignoring the roof even after extensive patching. Once the rain, oxidizing effects of the sun and snow have taken their toll on the roof mat and turned it into a dry, lifeless sponge, building owners are prey for a roofer's bid. His figure includes complete tear off and replacement of the existing roof - labor being the most expensive part of the job. Much of the "waterproofing dollar" goes into the roofer's overhead with relatively little going into the materials that actually waterproof the roof. With the Pace system of roof renewal, we put an end to patching and replacement. It's the cost effective option. With high strength roof reinforcement material and penetrating coatings, Pace's system builds upon the existing roof base. The roof's life is extended. Virtually every penny of your waterproofing dollar goes into materials that do the job. The building is kept watertight without the interruption to the business or risk of fire that can result when reroofing work is done. And with Pace, you're working with a proven system since 1958