STOP ROOF LEAKS NOW IN SLEET, SNOW OR RAIN WITH AN EMERGENCY APPLICATION OF WET-JET ROOF COATING! Since 1958 Wet-Jet has been America's #1 all weather roof sealant.  Use it during a storm or after a thaw, even in sub-freezing temperatures! It stops leaks before damage starts!  There are no limitations on using Wet-Jet for emergency patching.  When you find the leak area on the roof, you can patch it.  Brush away snow, even ice to get to the roof surface.  Wet-Jet works on wet surfaces, even underwater. What's a building owner going to do?  Roofers with hot tar or torch down can't apply when it's cold and wet. Take advantage of special emergency repairs with FREE material for you to have on hand at the first sign of water entry. Call Pace today!